The rapid emergence of perovskites, a mixed organic-inorganic halide material, has accelerated progress in both the photovoltaic and light-emitting fields. Within four years, the power conversion efficiency of perovskite solar cells has jumped from 3% to over 20%. Leveraging excellent photophysical properties, such as low trap state density, long diffusion length, and high photoluminescence quantum efficiency, perovskites have the potential to contend both in light emitting diodes and in laser materials.

Our work has unveiled the basic physical properties of perovskites and has advanced technologies to engineer optoelectronic devices with high performance. Our interests include solution-processed ABX3 (A=CH3NH3, Cs, B=Pb, X=I, Br, Cl). We have explored trap density, carrier diffusion, and hetero-epitaxial perovskites. Furthermore, we have engineered devices structure, achieving perovskite solar cell with suppressed hysteresis and single crystal photodetectors with fast and sensitive responses. We have recently added a focus on enhancing perovskite material stability and achieving heavy-metal-free perovskites.

Selected Publications

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