Vlad Sukhovatkin

Company: XLV Diagnostics

Position: Chief Technology Officer

Term in Group: 2002-2011, Research Associate

Ziru Huang

Research scientist at Rayleigh Solar Tech

Vivek Mehta

Company: Manulife

Position: Vice President, Corporate Strategy

Taulee Hsieh

Company: Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

Position: Physician in Private Practice

Tina Safaei

Company: Plaza Ventures

Position: Associate

Term in Group: 2013-2017, PhD

Valerio Adinolfi

Company: Western Digital

Position: Principal Engineer

Term in Group: 2012-2016, PhD

Sam Cauchi

Company: Datacolor

Position: Sales Manager, Canada

Term in Group: 2003-2005, MASc.

Sean Hinds

Employer: SWIR Vision Systems

Position: Chief Innovation Officer

Term in Group: 2005-2009, PhD

Stefan Myrskog

Company: Morgan Solar Inc.

Position: Chief Scientific Officer