In our work and our team we unite chemistry, physics, and engineering within eight laboratories at the University of Toronto.

Energy Storage and CO2 Utilization

With the emergence of abundant renewable electricity, many industries are turning to electrification to reduce carbon intensity. We are developing electrocatalytic technology to synthesize chemical fuels and feedstocks, along with next-generation solar technologies with our industry partners.

Energy Harvesting

Our team works to create novel ways to harvest energy, exploring the latest technologies with perovskites, colloidal quantum dots, and luminescent solar concentrators. This work has significantly increased these technologies’ efficiencies, contributing to clean, renewable, flexible, and affordable solar energy.

Light Emission

In our group, we have combined the efforts of synthetic chemists, physicists, and engineers to design new light-emitting materials such as colloidal quantum dots and low-dimensional semiconductors.


We seek to discover new semiconducting materials for use in on-chip signal processing. Our team unites high-throughput computational and experimental frameworks to screen new candidate materials, with an emphasis on solution-processability and stability


Machine Learning

The rational design of new materials for optoelectronic applications benefits greatly from an initial computational screening of a large number of candidates using machine learning. In our group, we have combined the efforts of material computationalists and synthetic chemists to identify the best material candidates for optoelectronic applications.