Dr. Qiuchen Chen


Dr. Qiuchen obtained his BSc degree from Shantou University in 2015 under Prof. Xiao-Chun Huang, specializing in photocatalytic applications of MOFs. Completing a Ph.D. at Technion (2021) under Prof. Zeev Gross, the focus continued to catalytic and pharmaceutical activity of metallo-corrole and sapphyrin complexes. During a UChicago postdoc (2021-2024) with Prof. Anna Wuttig, Qiucheng delved into organic electrosynthesis for C(sp3)-C(sp3) bond formation with interfacial design. Since January 2024, Qiucheng has been a member of the Sargent group, contributing expertise to CO2 upgrading research. Outside the lab, you can find him around the gym and some Chinese restaurants.